What’s New in the Task Manager in Windows 11’s 2022 Update

Task Manager has scantly changed since it was introduced in the 1990s, besides the occasional addition of a new tab.

What’s Brand New in the New Task Manager?

This time around, there are a few brand new things in the new Task Manager that aren’t just changes to existing features.

Dark Mode (or Dark Theme)

Task Manager was never brought into the fold. No matter what you did, Task Manager would stubbornly remain bright white.

Efficiency Mode

Microsoft has introduced a new “Efficiency Mode” in the Task Manager. It lets you limit how many system resources (like your CPU or RAM)

Redesigned Buttons and Tabs

The most striking change, and the change that is going to prove the most divisive, is the removal of the tabs along the top of the Task Manager.

Settings Page

configuration options have been rolled into a single page, accessible by clicking the gear in the bottom left-hand side of the window.

They’re probably not things anyone was clicking on regularly, so moving them off of the main tabs and into a discrete settings tab

besides the occasional addition of a new tab. The 2022 Update for Windows 11 finally gives Task Manager a much-deserved facelift, a few quality-of-life changes, and some new features.