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If you're in the market for a good source of science news, you can't go wrong with these three options. Here's a brief description of each Top Science News Sites website.

If you’re in the market for a good source of science news, you can’t go wrong with these three options. You can’t go wrong with Nature, which is the world’s most-cited scientific journal, BBC’s science section, Eurekalert, or Live Science. These Top Science News Sites provide you with a wide variety of information on the latest discoveries in the world of science. Here’s a brief description of each of the Science News websites.

Nature is the world’s most-read and cited scientific journal

Since its founding in 1869, Nature has been one of the most-cited and read scientific journals. The journal’s main audience is research scientists, and its articles are written in a clear, understandable style that is accessible to educated laypersons. Nature is one of the few journals that still publish original research articles covering the full range of science. In addition to publishing new advances, the journal publishes reviews and surveys of important research fields.

Springer Nature, the publisher of Nature, has been actively extending its OA options to scientists worldwide. The company, which publishes the Nature journal, recently entered into the largest OA deal in the world with German institutions. The Project DEAL consortium represented German institutions and provided a package deal for Springer Nature’s other titles. The deal was signed in 2019 and represented a significant opportunity for scientists in Germany and around the world.

The Nature family of journals is among the first of highly selective scientific titles to sign an OA deal. The agreement, which is set to take effect in January 2021, will redirect money previously earned by subscriptions to OA publications. The Nature group also publishes the journal Science, Nature Biotechnology, and Nature Medicine. Further details of the OA deal are available online. For now, institutions in Germany can sign up for the deal without any further negotiations.

Live Science one of the Top Science News Sites

Live Science is an online science news website that is owned by Future via Purch. Purch acquired Imaginova in 2009, and the website is a company division. This website is dedicated to providing science news quickly and entertainingly. Readers can subscribe to its newsletter and receive daily updates on new research. Live Science stories are syndicated to major news outlets, such as Fox News, MSNBC, and Yahoo!. However, the website does not provide original content.

In addition to breaking scientific news, Live Science also includes features on the environment, culture, history, and health. The site is also home to news about new funding for scientists and premium prospecting features. The website has more than three million subscribers. To date, it has been the most widely read website for science news. Its content attracts a wide range of readers and is syndicated to major news outlets. Its content is based on the latest scientific research, and the website features stories on the latest discoveries.

BBC’s science section

The BBC’s science coverage has come under fire over the past year, with the Trust’s report revealing that the program’s news items were lacking in an independent expert voice. An independent expert is a person who does not have a vested interest in the research or findings. Those who believe that the climate is not changing will be incensed by the report. But what can be done to improve this situation?

For one thing, the BBC is based in the UK, so stories about UK science are likely to be of interest to UK audiences. Besides the news, the BBC also publishes its own magazine, Science Focus, and future section. The latter is a particularly useful resource for those interested in science and technology. The BBC also publishes a science news magazine, The Future, a monthly supplement to the main news.

You can learn more about the science world and how you can apply it to your life. Those interested in astronomy and space can learn more about it with BBC’s science documentaries. You can also watch Nat Geo’s popular magazine, which features stories about a wide range of fascinating scientific topics. This magazine is available in both the US and Canada. If you’re in the US, BBC Select will let you view the latest science documentaries on the topic.

Eurekalert on Top Science News Sites

Eurekalert! is a news release distribution platform hosted by the nonprofit American Association for the Advancement of Science. Its purpose is to help journalists and the general public keep up with scientific research. News releases and multimedia content are accepted for 90 days after the original publication date. In addition to distributing news releases, Eurekalert! Hosts news portals for government agencies and journal publishers. Depending on the type of content you are looking for, you can find everything from societal concerns to research findings.

In order to subscribe to EurekAlert!, you must create an account. You can provide accurate information, confirm your subscription to the site, and secure your account password. Once you’ve set up an account, you’ll receive a weekly digest of the latest science news. You can also opt-in to receive email notifications about breaking news from EurekAlert!


The internet has a colossal number of science news sites, but only a few can claim to be on par with Gawker. This website has always been a political force, and writers have criticized right-wing bigots, supported the Occupy Wall Street movement, and agitated for a basic income for all citizens. Gawker is also one of the few digital news organizations that have organized unions, a rare achievement, as much of Silicon Valley still sees unions as outdated impediments to technological disruption.

For those who prefer to skip the daily science news, there is the Pacific Standard. This site covers a broad spectrum of scientific topics, from climate change and evolution to space exploration and the latest discoveries in health and medicine. The site also features a “Brain Candy” section that addresses esoteric questions and presents the results of experiments with neural networks. Overall, the site is an excellent place to find a good science story and a bit of fun.

Scientific American Top Science News Sites

Scientific Daily is an excellent resource for breaking news about science and technology. It features science news from the leading research organizations and universities. If you’re looking for the latest breakthroughs, look no further than the New Scientist. This is the number one science magazine in the world and is a good source for breaking news. It also offers RSS feeds for easy distribution to your favorite news reader. It’s well worth a subscription, particularly for the science news.

The site’s editorial board is comprised of several distinguished journalists. In addition to Fenella Saunders, the site’s editor-in-chief, the site features writers who are experienced in science communication. Former senior editor of American Scientist, she served as managing editor for five years. She also wrote for several other publications, including Archaeology and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Bulletin. Her work has also appeared on Science, the BBC, and Scholastic.

The Byte

The Byte is a student-run multimedia consortium that creates entertainment-based science news and features. The site features articles, podcasts, graphics, and videos that cover various science-related topics. The Byte team includes students from various disciplines and aims to help them learn about the entertainment side of the news industry. The news is presented in a way that is entertaining to the audience, and students can post comments and ask questions about a particular topic.

The Byte website is designed to appeal to middle-school teachers. The content will highlight phenomena that sparked scientists’ curiosity and the science and engineering practices that explain these phenomena. It will provide teachers with insight into the connection between science and everyday life and the NGSS, which is the next generation of science standards. The site is a critical resource for teachers since science is an elusive subject, and motivation is often lacking.


Futurism, a science news site founded in 2014, has grown from one page on Reddit to a comprehensive place for breaking science news. This site is now owned by Singularity University, a nonprofit corporation that promotes science and technology. It focuses on three distinct verticals: flash news digest, Neoscope, medical technology, and cutting-edge science blog. Futurism’s website will continue to operate during the transition. Its parent company, North Equity LLC, is an investor in the company and Allen & Overy LLC provides legal counsel.


These Top Science News Sites provide you with a wide variety of information on the latest discoveries in the world of science.

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