Retro Bowl Review

Retro Bowl is an American football video game developed by New Star Games. The game is available on iOS and Android devices.

Retro Bowl is an American football video game developed by New Star Games. The game is available on iOS and Android devices. There are also browser versions of the game available on some websites. It was released in January 2020 and has since gained a lot of popularity, thanks in part to TikTok exposure. This review will discuss the game’s Gameplay, Graphics, Controls, and Goals. Let’s dive in.


When it comes to gameplay, Retro Bowl can be very addictive and fun to play. There are a few aspects of the game that you can’t skip. For starters, you have to decide which player has the ball. Then, you have to make management decisions. You can control the Quarterback by hitting the B button on the controller and tilting the control stick to throw the ball. You can also move the cursor to throw the ball and control the runner by diving and juking up.

The graphics are simple but elegantly displayed pixelated players. While they aren’t as amazingly realistic as in the Madden franchise, you’ll be pleased to know that the tackling, throwing, and juking in Retro Bowl are still excellent. This isn’t a game for those who prefer to make every play in real life. However, if you enjoy the challenge of making the other team miss field goals and score touchdowns, Retro Bowl is for you.

The game also offers players the chance to build a football team. Retro Bowl has a similar gameplay format like its Super Tecmo Bowl counterpart. You’ll be tasked with selecting the team personnel, players, and coordinators. In this mode, you can play with a limited number of players and make the selections that you think are best. Players are either stars or mediocre, and you’re not tracked.

Graphics of Retro Bowl

If you haven’t played the game yet, you might be wondering how the graphics are. The Retro Bowl game has high-quality 480P graphics, which are still far from the best in the gaming industry. There are over 25,000 reviews of this game on Steam, which speaks volumes about its popularity. If you want to play a retro game and have a blast, this is the game for you. The graphics are simply breathtaking, and you’ll be glad you did when you see the stunning, cartoon-styled team and logos.

The graphics of the Retro Bowl are reminiscent of those from the NFL’s early days. While the game isn’t officially licensed, it’s easy to customize the teams and players and even name the coaches and players. The only difference is that the players look pixelated rather than realistic. It is worth noting, however, that you can rename the player in the game, and you can do that by tapping on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Although the game may not be as sophisticated as a professional football game, the gameplay is still enjoyable and addicting. Although it lacks multiplayer, the low price tag makes it an ideal choice for people who love playing football games on the PlayStation 4.


A good way to start playing Retro Bowl is to learn how to manage resources properly. The game’s basic resources are players, salary caps, Coaching Credits, and fans. You can make decisions that will impact your team for weeks to come. One important decision you can make to increase your team’s morale is to hire or fire coordinators. Moreover, you can spend your coins on improvements to the field. However, remember that the game does not have any rules that are set in stone.

When playing Retro Bowl, there are two aspects to its gameplay: managing the franchise and playing the game. The former involves managing a team of players. In this game, you need to draft, trade, and sign free agents to make your team better than the other. The game controls are straightforward, but you will need to react quickly to make the best decisions for your team. It is recommended that you play with friends to practice different game modes so you can perfect your skills.

The controls for Retro Bowl are similar to those for Super Tecmo Bowl. To run, swipe upwards or downwards while on the run. If you need to stutter, swipe backward to pause movement. When juking, it’s important to learn to time your dives to avoid defenders’ tackles. You can also use your controllers to control the players on the field. The controls are also simple, making it fun for everyone to play.

Retro Bowl Goals

Unlike traditional football games, Goals in the Retro Bowl let you kick the ball further than the midfield line. This makes it easier to make long-field goals, which can sometimes tie the game or even win it if done correctly. However, this feature isn’t limited to football, as you can play as any other team in the game. You can play as any team you want, so be sure to try out the different teams and see which one you like the best!

The Retro Bowl is a football game based on the arcade video game Tecmo Bowl. It is a simulation of an NFL game, although the names of the teams and players aren’t in the game. You can play as any team and select players manually or from the roster. The objective is to lead your team to victory in the championship. However, don’t expect to make millions from this game – it’s incredibly challenging.

New features

Despite being a mobile game, Retro Bowl still plays like a traditional football game, with a few added features. The controls are similar to the original game, with the player controlling a player with the ball. Players can make management decisions by hitting the B button to snap the ball, whether you’re the quarterback or a receiver. Players can also control the throwing action by tilting their control stick. You can also dive and juke to throw the ball.

The Switch version of Retro Bowl brings several nice new features, notably the ability to control the runner with a stick rather than the traditional touch controls. The new stick control also makes it easier to make precise throws and passes, but the new controller’s motions can cause the marker to move much slower. The new controller makes deep passes easier than quick screens, so you’ll be able to make the throw with less effort.

This free version of Retro Bowl offers a throwback to old-school American football games. It’s based heavily on the NFL league, but there’s no real-life team names or players. However, players can play the game by drafting players, playing the entire season, and attempting to win the championship. It’s worth noting that Retro Bowl will come to the Switch later this year and will have new features.

Retro Bowl Price

The price of Retro Bowl for the Nintendo Switch is quite reasonable considering its popularity on mobile. The game, which has gone viral on social media sites such as TikTok, is a port of the mobile game from a couple of years ago. This game has been carefully rebalanced for the Switch, and the developers spent considerable time porting it to the console. The game even supports the NES and SNES Switch Online pads, so you can use your Switch console to play this title.

It’s a great game for young players, as the game is challenging yet fun. This simulation game is not intended to be an alternative to real-life soccer, but it closely resembles it. You can even choose varying difficulty levels, build your own team, and play against human or computer opponents. The game is free to download, and there is no subscription fee to play it. However, it does feature some in-game features that make it a worthy investment.

One of the best aspects of Retro Bowl is its simplicity. The game can be enjoyed in bursts of 20 minutes or for extended periods. Despite the price, the game is highly addictive and perfect for short gameplay bursts. You will quickly become absorbed in this game and won’t want to put it down. Retro Bowl is a great way to spend a short period of time without spending too much money.

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