Bernina Sewing Machines Review – Which Bernina Sewing Machine is Right For You?

In this Bernina sewing machines review, we'll go over each machine's features, price, and reputation. Read on to learn which machine is right for you.

In this Bernina sewing machines review, we’ll go over each machine’s features, price, and reputation. But first, let’s discuss how these features and reputations translate into higher-quality sewing machines. These sewing machines are great for the home sewer, but can they meet your needs for professional-level projects? Then, read on to learn which machine is right for you. Then, go ahead and purchase!

When you’re in the market for a new sewing machine, you might be looking for a machine with embroidery capabilities. Bernina offers several models with embroidery features. In addition to the standard embroidery features, these machines also feature many other features. One of these features is the automatic resizing of embroidery designs. You can adjust the size of your design by recalculating the stitch count and adding substrate stitches. Additionally, you can enlarge or shrink individual letters with their built-in ‘bending of text’ function.


Professional tailors and fashion designers prefer Bernina sewing machines over other brands. Home sewers tend to find it harder to justify the steep price tag. However, the quality and durability of Bernina machines make them a good investment for a hobbyist who sews just a few things per month. Here are some reasons why buying a Bernina sewing machine is a good choice:


When you’re shopping for a new sewing machine, you’ll likely find Bernina’s reputation on your mind. This Swiss company has a reputation for quality sewing machines that blend traditional craftsmanship and aesthetic perfection. The company’s line of machines offers a variety of advanced features that allow you to create superior quilts, embroidery, and sewing projects. In addition, each model comes with a warranty for peace of mind.


The quality of Bernina sewing machines is unquestionable. The company’s machines have high-quality materials and smooth hooks, bobbins, and cases. The company uses modern technology and environmental protection to build each machine. The company manufactures most of its machines in Switzerland. While many companies manufacture their machines in Asia, the company keeps its production in Switzerland. Its products are also available in a large selection of price ranges.


With the help of technology, Bernina sewing machines have improved dramatically over the years. The first Zig-Zag machine, Model 117, was introduced in 1938. In addition to this, later models improved significantly, and the company quickly became a leading domestic sewing machine manufacturer. The Bernina 830, the company’s most popular model from the 1970s, also became one of the most advanced. The company has 15 patents for the new B830.

Frame Construction

The frame construction of a Bernina sewing machine is the key to its versatility. Many models are equipped with extra-wide frame construction that makes them more stable. The frame construction of Bernina sewing machines is also important to their ability to provide superior stitching quality. This type of machine is a good choice for quilting, which is one of its main markets. Most models are available in several different models, with the most advanced Berninas costing around $1000.

BERNINA sewing machines offer decorative stitches, overlapping patterns, and unusual thread choices. These features allow you to create several unique looks in minimal time. For example, the BERNINA 657 decorative stitch alters the stitch width from 5mm to 6mm and sews along each side of the previous stitching. You can even create custom stitches and designs using the freehand system, which lowers the feed dog with a knee lever.

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